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i woke up at 6am like usual to get ready for school. i brushed my teeth, put on deodorant and i must have laid down on my bed because i wake up and it says 7am. the bus c...
70's Rock Sep 24, 2009
post office!
i feel so stupid. i walked about a mile to the post office.... and then once i'm there to send my paperback book i sold on i realized that i don't have ANY mon...
Hip Hop/RNB Sep 23, 2009
it's about 4 30 am. i slept 6pm-almost 1 am so now i'm up and just bored. .. just lingering around.. i would like to try to go to sleep, but i don't feel like it. i don't...
Today's Hits Sep 23, 2009
nap time
today has been such a long long long long day. i didn't fall asleep until 345am ish last night.  i had the worst pain in my legs so i couldn't even fall asleep.. it ...
Hip Hop/RNB Sep 22, 2009
it's 11 30 pm! i need to get to be because i have to wake up at 6am and get ready, which is like 30 mins, and then i have to walk to the bus stop. in my town, like 8block...
Hip Hop/RNB Sep 21, 2009
kanye west & beyonce
i'm always listening to the jamz station. and they haven't played much kanye west or beyonce, but now they're playing it. and i really don't like any of that. but i ha...
Hip Hop/RNB Sep 21, 2009
pretty wings =D
earlier today i heard pretty wings on the jams channel! i was shocked. i love this song.. now fabolous and the dream are on.. all so sexy.. with such good music.. and i'm...
Hip Hop/RNB Sep 20, 2009

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