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Today is the day that the lord has made. Let us rejoice in it. So many people in the world did not wake up this morning. I am so very grateful that I woke up this morni...
80's Hits Nov 18, 2009
Sleep Deprived
I have been up this morning since 6:30 am. I was asleep but woke up to use the restroom. When I got back in the bed my HUSBAND decides he wants to SORE my ears off. I did...
80's Hits Nov 15, 2009
I am finally home doing NOTHING. Jut sitting at my laptop surf shopping.Until I received my bill from stupid DELL. They are trying to charge me a late fee because they di...
70's Rock Nov 14, 2009
Thank god it's FRIDAY!!!!! The weekend is here and I am so glad. My plans are to do absolutely nothing. Those are my plans if they come to fruition is another story. LOL....
80's Hits Nov 13, 2009
Is it friday yet. I cannot wait. Luckily no birthday parties this weekend. I am going to try and relax this weekend. The key word in that sentence is TRY. I just want to ...
80's Hits Nov 12, 2009
Triple Points Thursday
Hey fans today is the day that we can earn triple points. So let's go and blog,blog,and more blog. Write a comment on one of your friends profiles. Okay, okay you can re...
70's Rock Nov 12, 2009
So my weekend was not so bad at all. I went shopping and got some really good deals. I also went to the Birthday party at Chuck e cheese. It wasn't as bad as I thought it...
80's Hits Nov 9, 2009
T.G.I.F.  The day has finally come. Now the weekend starts. Tonight I will take my little one clothes shopping and buy the gift for the birthday party tomorrow. Sat...
70's Rock Nov 6, 2009
Hey peeps, this is my last blog fo the night. i'M pooped....
70's Rock Nov 5, 2009
Good Morning my fellow 977 listeners. My slogan of the day is" Coffee Tea One More Day". I cannot wait until Friday. It has been one long week for me. I am tak...
80's Hits Nov 5, 2009

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