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Today is thursday and that means that it is almost Friday. Whend friday comes then we know that the weekend is here. YaYYYYY. I can't wait. Have many things planned this ...
80's Hits Oct 22, 2009
Hello friends. I have had the two most craziest days this week. I'm hoping Wednesday is better than Monday and Tuesday. I cannot take another day of "STUPID PEOPLE&q...
90's Hits Oct 21, 2009
What a day
Ok, so I'm late putting a blog today. My boss decided to come today and stay until 2 pm. "What nerve. i shouldn't complain at all. he only shows up once a week on Tu...
70's Rock Oct 20, 2009
Good morning my friends. Happy Monday to you all. Have a safe and blessed day....
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 19, 2009
Hello 977 music people. Today I am babysitting my grandson while his mom goes to school. She's a straight A  STUDENT in college and has been on the Dean's List since...
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 18, 2009
Hello  people Happy Friday. Another rainy day in NYC. Just wanted to stay in bed.UUUUGGGGHHHH!!...
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 16, 2009
Hello people of 977 music. Happy Thursday to everyone friend or not. It is going to be a wonderful day for me. Why you may ask? Well for starters I woke up this morning a...
Today's Hits Oct 15, 2009
Happy that it;s the middle of the week. Friday here I come!!!!...
Adult Hits Oct 14, 2009
At work and not feeling it at all. wish I was home sleeping. anybody with me....
70's Rock Oct 13, 2009

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