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Sleep is fun.
So, I'm still sick...but starting to feel better little by little. I seriously think I slept the majority of the weekend. I was awake for  two things: 1. Taylor Swif...
Today's Hits Nov 8, 2009
ohh no
I feel like Im getting sick and I really dont have time for it! I start my research on monday, all my sign up sheets for subjects are full! Im nervous and excited.It's th...
70's Rock Nov 7, 2009
My weekend
I know I should do stuff to help myself later on, but all I want to do is nothing!! All I really have to do is a birthday party and a baby shower. But aside from that I w...
70's Rock Nov 6, 2009
I am beyond stressed right now. School is keeping me so busy and I have so little time to do it. I swear professors ban together and decide to put all the tests and work ...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 6, 2009
The other day....
I was driving home from school, it takes about 45 minutes, and I was trying to find something decent on the radio to listen to. Well, it was about 12:30 and one of the lo...
90's Hits Oct 24, 2009

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