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140k && What are some fun sites to kill time??
Just hit 140,000 a couple of days ago. Hope every one had a precious tripple points day yesterday. And I wish everyone a Great weekend! Also,are there any sites you ...
Today's Hits Apr 16, 2010
130,000 & saw heidi montag ...
Okay I completely forgot to post a blog for reaching 130,00 I totally thought I had already posted one,but oh well..congrats to me =] wish more people would update me on ...
Today's Hits Apr 7, 2010
Diamond Ring! Just A little..something something..*bling*
Okay so boyfriend completely suprised me with a one and a half round cut diamond -white gold ring last week.I'm so happy/excited/worried/and just want to hug him and kiss...
Today's Hits Apr 1, 2010
120,000 and a small update OFCOURSE.
today is persian new years and im super excited =]. [persian new years was yesterday in iran] but its march 21 its today since im in u.s and yesterday in iran...
70's Rock Mar 21, 2010
110,000 well [3,000 more but..] UPDATE UPDATE!
GOOD&BAD NEWS. okay i have around 113,000 but i promised to blog every 10 thousand :).Im sick :( prayers are gladly appreciated :D.I can't believe im sick again..t...
Today's Hits Mar 5, 2010
10O,0O0 POINTS!! YAY!! & small update:
yay!! i have reached 100 k! it feels great =] just thought i'd post this before i forget.I have no special updates on my life yet.But i did just win 7 dollars from those ...
Today's Hits Feb 20, 2010
1000 FRiENDS! [just reached 1000]
i am so honored to have 1000 friends!! I love 977 for that very reason and more! I love making friends! and thanks to 977 i make more and more friends everyday!.i enjoy ...
Today's Hits Feb 19, 2010
A Letter from a Shelter Manager I think our society needs a huge "Wake-up" call. As a shelter manager, I am going to share a little insight with you all...a...
70's Rock Feb 19, 2010
reached 90,000 two days ago =]
Okay so here is my blog for 90,000 points on the oh so precious 977. I haven't been on here much,so i feel bad that i'm falling behind on comments,replying to messages,a...
Today's Hits Feb 18, 2010
80,000 POiNTS! W00H00! AND DIAMOND RING i'm looking over some diamond rings right now.I know bf has no money to buy me one right now but o0o0o im soo in love with the marquise diamond rings :) and of ...
Today's Hits Feb 10, 2010

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