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how did everyone's tripple thursday go?i got near 6000+ i didn't know if that was possible.but it sure did put a smile on my face! i love 977 and earning points!this was ...
70's Rock Dec 4, 2009
REACHED 10,000 :) YAY!!!!!!!!!! ...WEIRD THOUGHT..?
Okay so after spending tons of time on 977 and with adding awesome friends,commenting tons,and listening to awesome music,i've finally reached 10,000!! I'm super excited ...
Today's Hits Dec 2, 2009
it is finally sunday and i'm relieved.Monday is soon to arrive and I'll be headed to the mall and tuesday ill be going to the beach.I'm kinda getting sick of sitting at h...
70's Rock Nov 29, 2009
Hello everyone :).Just writing this blog to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving.Today is a wonderful time to express your love and let everyone know what you're grateful f...
70's Rock Nov 26, 2009
Okay so i'm super excited and have been keeping this a secret ,but thought i'd share it with everyone! I'm going to disneyland this monday :) !!! Just 2 more days !!! =]....
Today's Hits Nov 21, 2009
Tripple thurs and LOTTERY TICKET
So today is triple day,and not only just triple day..but MY FIRST TRIPLE DAY! It feels so great just sitting back and listening to christmas music on 977 and watching my ...
Today's Hits Nov 19, 2009
Sold the grill ..finally!
Okay so about a month ago we had a raffle in our apartment complex and i was a winner! there were tons of prizes such as: a flat screen tv, $25 gift cards,a portable dvd ...
70's Rock Nov 15, 2009
Hello everyone,I'm Atoosa/Jenni [i have 2 names] and I'm new to this site.I was reffered to this site by some sweet friends,and boy am I happy I joined =].I started off h...
Today's Hits Nov 14, 2009

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