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To : Other member of this site. Yesterday I write e-mail to Melanie (Customer relations of 977music), she told me that from a few days ago 977music site have repairing, c...
50s, 60s Hits Dec 4, 2012
no points
Why when they update their new player, that we no longer receive points?...
Today's Hits Dec 3, 2012
Radio SenSacion
Hip Hop/RNB Dec 2, 2012
Annoyed! points not working and playlist adding removed!
Why fix what's not broken guys?!  The points system is not working now, been listening but not accomulating points for the last few days.  In addition the add t...
Today's Hits Dec 2, 2012
My city photos
Hello, I try to show you my city views, I have many walk around according to my activity, so I take this photo while I think it useful for next time. At 14.10 PM. ...
50s, 60s Hits Nov 30, 2012
My QSL card from NHK Radio Japan
A few month ago I received a QSL card / postcard from Radio NHK station, it' s a Japan Radio overseas broadcast in Short Wave ( SW ), in 31 m band at night and 25 m band ...
50s, 60s Hits Nov 26, 2012
My first Radio listening to 977
This day, Sunday, November 25, 2012, I listen the music from, actually I found this music site from yesterday afternoon, when I want to try listen surf music...
50s, 60s Hits Nov 25, 2012
Country Nov 19, 2012
Alternative Station
Does anyone know why the Alternative station is not working?  It's usually all I listen to, but it hasn't worked for 2 days now.  I've tried the Media Player an...
Alternative Nov 7, 2012
hurricane sandy
Hurricane sandy ruined so many houses and lives. even my anniversary ...
Today's Hits Nov 6, 2012
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