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Do you believe in it? I read it once in a while, but not always right. I just read it once in a while for fun....
Today's Hits Oct 23, 2012
Hot or Cold
Do you prefer hot or cold? For me I rather be cold, because I could always cuddle with someone and of course wear more clothes if that other person isn't there. And if yo...
Today's Hits Oct 17, 2012
Since I turned 30, I sometimes get these waves of nostalgia, of growing up in the 80s and I find myself wishing for more John Hughes movies with their amazing soundtracks...
80's Hits Oct 17, 2012
Havoc the unknow demon.
Does it make me evil, That i dream of torturing her soul, Bind her in the chains and shackles binding her to the ground. She scream's in agony as i whip her body....
50s, 60s Hits Oct 10, 2012
video ads
While listening to the radio for quite some time during working on my projects or studying, I keep hearing background noise. I look at all my tabs that were open and was ...
Today's Hits Oct 6, 2012
video adds
I totally get the ads here but video adds with sound that drowns out the music??? you got to be kidding!!!! This was at one time the best site on the net but I guess Jeff...
50s, 60s Hits Oct 2, 2012
Sun or rain?
  As I sit in my place in this point in time I look outside and see nothing but fog and the remains of a light rain from last night and I think "Do I like this ...
Today's Hits Sep 28, 2012
- Les 70s.
70's Rock Sep 25, 2012
Lady Antebellum
Happy birthday to our boy Charles, but not before we honor ALL of those affected by September 11th. This year, as a birthday wish, Charles would love your charity support...
50s, 60s Hits Sep 20, 2012
Lady Antebellum
We're spreading the holiday spirit this year with the release of our Christmas Album, On This Winter's Night out October 22nd! What do y'all think of the new album cover?...
Country Sep 20, 2012
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