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.977 - Best Internet Radio Provider
Great music, and now points :D.  Can it get any better?...
70's Rock Mar 28, 2009
You can find the lyrics just below the flash player, while listening to it. There`s a button for it. Enjoy =)...
70's Rock Mar 27, 2009
Awesome new website
I think that what they`ve done with the new website is great. It`s a great new concept, and I love especially the fact that you can also see the lyrics. I always liked se...
Alternative Mar 27, 2009
Rick Roll - A True Story
Many of you might not be familiar with the internet phenomenon of being "Rick Rolled" so let me explain.  Being Rick Rolled is when someone cleve...
80's Hits Mar 26, 2009
Nice Site
Hey Julian here from Allentown,Pa. The new site looks great. Keep up the good work 977 music. Alot of new features. Will keep on listening....
Today's Hits Mar 26, 2009
Hello All
Hey all this is Stealth, Long time listener and first blog post! First off I would like to say 977 has a great site and will take a while to find all the new features ...
Today's Hits Mar 26, 2009
Points not registering
I also haven't seen my points change in over a week which is the same time the station started playing on my computers Media Player.  That and I will go in to check ...
Adult Hits Mar 23, 2009
My member name is click67, if you need it and I just sent you all a email regarding my problem, thanks....
80's Hits Mar 23, 2009
My points on my account have not increased in the past three (3) days. I am still showing the same total and should have definitely increased, can someone please correct ...
80's Hits Mar 23, 2009
Howard Jones...
Howard Jones, another classic 80's artist...keep them comming.......
80's Hits Mar 19, 2009
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