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Is 977 confused?
So I got this email tonight, addressed to me, but it has the wrong username. My first and last name in the email was correct and it sent it to the correct email addy, but...
Comedy Jul 26, 2012
Cheers By Sonny Smash (WORLD PREMIERE)
sonny smash back at it again...
50s, 60s Hits Jul 17, 2012
Today's Hits Jul 14, 2012
i love ice cream when its hot...don't you
all ice cream chocolate, vanilla, mint, butterscotch, stawberrie..................oh the list would go on forever,  listening to oldies and ice cream rules!!!!! ...
50s, 60s Hits Jul 6, 2012
hits from the past -keep memorys alive
hi everyone hope join my 977 radio station listen to great old and new hits of yesterday and dance away your heart content,best days are music from the past.  send ...
70's Rock Jul 1, 2012
977 Music App
Whether or not you know, there is an app in the app store for 977 Music. What would make this app even more awesome then it already is would be some additional features. ...
Today's Hits Jun 29, 2012
Gift card
Anybody know how long it takes to get your gift cards....
80's Hits Jun 22, 2012
Hey, I got problem with my stations. I log in and click on the media player icon for today's hits and as usual it opens in a new window everything loads except the m...
Today's Hits Jun 8, 2012
Hey Guys , Litsen To The Hitz, and The Best Music In History !xD§...
Today's Hits Jun 7, 2012
I went to the Chesney/McGraw concert this weekend in Tampa Florida.  I am not the biggest country fan but they did put on a good show.  If you have a chance to ...
Country Jun 4, 2012
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