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How to Earn Points


To Earn Points while listening to our channels, you must listen with the Flash Player or Windows Media Player from the direct links we provide from  No other players are supported at this time.  For more info, please familiarize yourself with the FAQ found HERE:  Make sure you log in to your profile first before listening.  Excessive listener points are defined as more than 1440 per day or 4320 on Triple Point Thursdays.  Any attempt to de-fraud our point system will result in an automatic suspension of your account and any points earned will be forfeited.

Here're other ways to earn points:

1.  Share with friends
2.  Earn points when other users add you as a friend.
3.  Invite New Friends.
4.  Post a Comment in the blogs or on a friends profile.  Posting Excessive Comments or Useless Posts just to inflate a point count will get you banned.
5.  Create a Blog Entry (must be of value or you could be suspended).
6.  Receive Hot or Not Votes.
7.  On Thursdays (based on Eastern Time), users can earn triple points by listening to one of the preprogrammed radio streams (not your personal playlist) only.  All other ways to earn points are at the normal rate as decided upon by 

Please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions found HERE.  Excessive clicks or trying to earn more points than allowed in one day will not be tolerated.  Your account will be suspended and you will lose any points you've already earned.