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9-18-2009 (6:21 pm)
Back in early 2007, I went through a divorce, and had left my home to crash at a friend's house for a couple of weeks until I could find a new place to live.  I had brought my computers and of which one of those was my laptop. 

At night, when I was laying on my friend's couch, I had nothing to do but either watch TV (And probably keep him awake in the other room), or listen to music on my laptop through earbuds.  I chose to listen to the internet radio since I didn't have a music collection to fall back on.  I tried all the normal sites and settled on Shoutcast.  Lo and behold, after a little while, I found .977 The 80's!  Being a child of the 80's, it didn't take long for me to go back in time each night for a while to help me through my divorce.  The music brought back light into my life over past the bad things going on at the time.  I soon began to fall asleep to the music playing in my ears.  And no - I didn't dream about being in the 80's.  lol

Today, I still listen to .977 as a happily married man once more this time to my soulmate.  Together, we enjoy all genres' of music and often surf between the 80's, 90's Hits and Smooth Jazz.   And one thing I can honestly say is that I truly enjoy every part of the sound quality.  Whatever EQ settings you have the stations set at, please don't ever touch them!  They sound absolutely marvelous!

Thank you .977 for being an integral part of my life!

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9-21-2009 (4:20 pm)
Thanks for the kind words.  We're glad we could help :)

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10-13-2009 (2:19 pm)
Well I'm sorry to report, that during my divorce two years ago, I did not know about 977 at all. I rather had to listen to my favorite styles of music either through WinAmp's Shoutcast and or the limited radio feature through Windows Media Player. But the music did help, especially during those late night hours, when everything just kind of caught up to me.  Through the darkness was the light of the music, always there, like an old friend. Unlike the poster stated, about being a child of the 80's, rather I was a child of the 70's, but didn't start formulating a musical opinion about things, until around 1980-1981 or so. During the divorce, and shortly there after, internet radio music was like my own personal time machine. It took me back to Jr. High School, past girl friends, High School, cruise night's, hanging with the guy's, scamming on the babes, you know stuff like that. It took me out of my funk and depressions that come after a long marriage comes to an end. But I am very pleased to have found 977 now, I like it a lot, nice a slipstreamed, easy to use, you don't need a PhD to figure this out. I recently started dabbling with integrating my lap top computer to my 800 watt home entertainment system, through HDMI technology. I was like way tired of the normal over the air radio around me, 5 minutes of music, 15 minutes of commercials, that does not work for me! So now I can set my lap top as the home theaters primary device, set it to HDMI input, and listen to nice, clear, crisp and almost commercial free entertainment. I is way nice to have some control of at least the styles of music I want to listen to, rather than being at the mercy of a normal radio stations D.J.! Well I'm going to kick back, and let the good times "rock & roll"!

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