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7-20-2009 (9:16 am)
Heya Jeff, been thinkin how bout a reggae channel? I'm sure it'd draw a good audience, i love classic rock but sometimes u just need a break. You havent a single bob marley song on the playlist apparently & there really is 2much gr8 music in the genre to be mixin it up. A reggae channel would give me an option to change (i've tried the other channels & sorry anything past 1990 just dont sound like music to me, gettin old i guess >.< )Btw, i know of 1 station on winamp that plays mostly nothing but Bob marley tunes & believe me there's just so much variety to the mans offerings u'll not have a problem if u played nuthing but also.

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8-23-2009 (6:06 pm)

Im a big fan of reggae also. I listen to the alternative station mostly but like the classics as much. Im thinking of putting a list together of songs I like but are not played.  The main problem with this is that I listen to your station 24/7 and will have to find the titles and songs elsewhere.

what to do. :>

I should say for the most part I love listening to your station and It would be soooo cool to listen in my car or when Im out. Are there any wifi handheld units that can play internet stations (not I-phone) generic.

thanks and keep up the good work.


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