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6-09-2009 (4:39 pm)
Hi I have hear a Nice Song ~1 hour ago at alternative rock, but i dont know the name of the song. I cant found the Songhistory.. can you help me?

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6-10-2009 (6:22 am)
If the music was running in the background, I don't think you will find it,
Keep listening to the station where you heard it, they will eventually replay it.
Remember to check out what's it's called when it's on.

Or, if you remember some lyrics you could try googling sth :)

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6-24-2009 (2:46 am)
Finding the title of a song that you like,

When you heard a song that you like and you want to find out its title later.

Have you tried to mouse over the purple bar at the right hand side
of the "Song History - Buy It" tab and pull down?

At the moment of this writing, all channels that I have listened
have this feature. All of them are working fine except one.

The Song History can keep in total 54 titles.
The playing time of each song may vary from 1:30 min to 3 min. 
Let's say the average time length of each song is 2 min each,
then usually the History can keeping track over
54*2 min = 108 min. 
Therefore if the song was played within an hour, it should
normally be found in the Song History list !

However, I have seen sometimes a song title is stored in the
Song History list but it was not actually being played.
And the next song is playing almost in the following second.

Certainly if you stay tuned and connected on the same channel
long time enough, the song that you like will be played again.
Hope this information may help you to locate the song
that you like.

Happy listening,

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6-29-2009 (2:59 pm)
Use the windows media player or flash player and you will get almost 3 hours of song history.  We migt even increase that a little :)

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