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incredible small discoteque?

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7-23-2009 (12:14 pm)
I am listening Classic Rock, 80's and Oldies on your station: I can hear just same clips every day, few times per day... Is this some kind of bad joke? You have just one clip from Canned heat (for example)? I have 30,000 clips on my computer, do you need a help to expand your performing possibilities? Sorry, this is very boring to listen beside long and pretty 2nd class made ads.

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Dol Cheep
8-21-2009 (8:57 am)
Same here, got bored to listen the same music every day, so I decided to change the station from The Hitz to others. Though the only reason at listening same clips is that there are not many of clip requests. If you request your favorite clips to .977, it will probably start repeating in few days. As new clips comes, the old ones will be removed. But there are not many people registered to .977 so new clips come very seldom. Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Scandinavia.

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8-31-2009 (9:26 am)
Then create your own playlist within your profile and listen to whatever you want.  We allow you to do just about anything on this site.

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