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George Catalin
2-08-2010 (3:58 am)
Hello Jeff, I took a minute or two and thought of some ideas for 977 music station. Please give me a feedback on the following: 1. The possibility to personalize your profile, with a another background color, like hi5. 2. I know that it has been talked about this subject, and you are working, but it would be interesting to see a weekly top, of who made the most points, who was the most active user of 977. 3. Also it would be very interesting to see, when you log on to your profile a chart/pie so see how much of your activity was made by listening the radio stations, how much by chatting with your friends, visiting the artists pages, a full history of your activity here in %. 4. It is a personal opinion: i don't quite like this pink/lavender :). Maybe you can do something with it :). I will think of more, and get back to you. Regards, Catalin.

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9-30-2010 (7:58 pm)
Nice on the eyes!!!!!!

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