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How to play .977 music on your Nokia Phone

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8-21-2009 (4:38 am)
It´s just three simple steps (since most Nokia phones have mp3 streaming support)

1. Go to Search for .977. Select your favourite channel. Click "tune in", select "I want to listen using my own media player".
2. Save the file "tune-in station.pls" on your phone (on memory card for example).
3. Open the file via the phones file manager. Save the station as a favourite.

Repeat for every station you want to save as fvourite.

Now you´ll be able to enjoy your favourite music anywhere!

Note: You´ll need a priceplan with unlimited data, or use wlan or similar or it could be quite hurtful for your wallet ;-)

I´ve tried this with different Nokia devices with Symbian series 60 and it has worked fine.

Also note that your carrier need to have at least 200kbit/s throughput or the sound could be quite crappy. And you need to use proper headphones, of course...

Rock on!

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Dol Cheep
8-21-2009 (8:02 am)
Wow, I did not know that. I could not listen to it anyway, because I don't own a Nokia cellphone. Even when Nokia is from same country as I, I won't use them anyway. I prefer Walkmans. :)

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