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The Red Beethoven
Have you ever heard Beethoven ?, the music composer ?, no ?, how about Bee ?, do you ever see bee ?, no ? .... so I will show you the Bee, the Beethoven, the Red one, ver...
50s, 60s Hits Dec 27, 2012
Yes, this site run only on IE - Microsoft.
Yes, the 977music site only effective on IE and not on the other providers, you can read it on Earn Points / How to earn points rules, and you can read how to get points ...
50s, 60s Hits Dec 20, 2012
No points with Firefox?
I have to use Firefox to connect to this website, otherwise I get too many viruses and work won't let me listen.  I'm seeing that the only way to earn points now is ...
Alternative Dec 19, 2012
Now I can flyyyyy .....
Hooorayyyy I can flyyyy !!!! ...........
50s, 60s Hits Dec 15, 2012
Patience please .........
To all member 977music who add me to friend ..... please .... patience ..... I still wait this 977music site get normal and run as usual, because if I click accept now, i...
50s, 60s Hits Dec 12, 2012
must have hot food
hey all i'm freezing my a$$ everytime i step out need some good hot soup to warm me up whenever i get in.....i find that the best soups are made from scratch and are the ...
50s, 60s Hits Dec 8, 2012
To : Other member of this site. Yesterday I write e-mail to Melanie (Customer relations of 977music), she told me that from a few days ago 977music site have repairing, c...
50s, 60s Hits Dec 4, 2012
no points
Why when they update their new player, that we no longer receive points?...
Today's Hits Dec 3, 2012
Radio SenSacion
Hip Hop/RNB Dec 2, 2012
Annoyed! points not working and playlist adding removed!
Why fix what's not broken guys?!  The points system is not working now, been listening but not accomulating points for the last few days.  In addition the add t...
Today's Hits Dec 2, 2012
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