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chat rooms to practice?
alguna pagina para chatear e interactuar ingles-espanol?...
70's Rock Aug 6, 2011
how can i see new news? any form to view them? i mean, whenu change your status in your wall or something like that?...
Alternative Jun 22, 2011
:( my points are frozen! :(
hey guys! my points are  frozen   what  should i do? i needd ur help please! :(...
70's Rock Dec 29, 2010
help me bout a video!
hey guys! i need your help! ive seen a video, but this not the problem, the problem is, i can not remember what is the name of this group? and even worse, i dont remembe...
Alternative Dec 12, 2010
when someone write on your principal page??
when someone write on your principal page how u do to answer? if u answer in the same place it  they notify?  and  can you  see it? or...  yo...
Alternative Oct 5, 2010
someone knows how we can earn "TRIPLE POINTS"? if u know how, just share with us! :D...
Alternative Oct 3, 2010
wht do u want to hear?
just tell us wth else  wold u like to hear in this radio station!!...
70's Rock Oct 3, 2010
earn points faster
if u know another way to earn more points, just share your idea with us!! :P ...
Alternative Sep 1, 2010