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Gah! Finals...
So it feels like just yesterday I was writing about how I was procrastinating at the beginning of the semester. Well, the semester is over in a week. What do you know? ...
Adult Hits Apr 25, 2011
Its a new semester and two weeks in I'm at my usual state of mind. Lost and confused. Its after midnight here and I STILL haven't finished my homework. So what do I de...
Adult Hits Jan 24, 2011
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! Hope everybody is working on making this the best year yet! I know I am. Although I don't do resolutions because they usually only last until the middl...
Today's Hits Jan 3, 2011
Merry Christmas!
Ummm Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way to say a Merry Christmas, a very Merry Christmas to you!!!! *insert howling dogs* I can't actually sing, so be very VERY happy this ...
Adult Hits Dec 25, 2010
Ok, so here goes a good way to procrastinate. Write a blog on 977. Always a good time right? Well i have 5 hours to finish a 10 page paper where I feel like I am makin...
70's Rock Dec 6, 2010
Happy Turkey Day!
Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!! Its time to pig out on turkey and cranberry sauce!! Have a good safe day!...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 25, 2010
Happy Birthday America!
Happy 4th of July everybody! I hope that you had a safe and fun holiday. I realize that its only July 4th in Hawaii, so I'm a little late. Just wanted to throw that ou...
Today's Hits Jul 4, 2010
Summer Goal
So I came up with this plan to start exercising over the summer and hopefully keep it up through out the next school year.  I think that it would be a good and healt...
70's Rock May 15, 2010
Wait!! I completely went off topic.  I came to write a Blog to say that I'm sorry I can't go to everybody's page.  I am having problems getting to anybody who i...
80's Hits May 13, 2010
Random Rant
Warning: The length and of this Blog may not be suitable for everybody.  Those with heart conditions or compassion for others may not want to continue reading. ...
Alternative May 13, 2010

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