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A Sailors Tale
A Sailors Tale ...
70's Rock Sep 24, 2011
I fell into fate  but didn't land hard My time in the valley  left plenty of scars Alone in the dark  I thought I would be But many a presence &...
70's Rock Nov 8, 2010
Are You Listenin'
Are You Listenin' I got no, reason to freeze this my feelings are raw commin' down with emotion like.. never before You're just a... mess, so leave this game to...
Hip Hop/RNB Jan 10, 2010
A Better Way
  A Better Way    When it comes to trouble for some it's a gift They never walk away They argue and fight don't care if they're right And too of...
Jazz Music Dec 11, 2009
Close To Perfect
   Close To Perfect   Beauty is felt as well as seen   As visions cast their spell on me   I've never seen a finer place   With land...
Jazz Music Dec 8, 2009
To Love Again
To Love Again  My soul won't bleed you... My heart won't mislead you If you're still breathing then rescue me too You've lived through the trouble and surviv...
Jazz Music Dec 8, 2009
Serenity Sea
   Serenity Sea Serenity Sea, She calls to me Life alone is hard for me I talk to her and make believe My troubles drift out to the sea I find myself h...
Jazz Music Dec 8, 2009
Drum Solo
Drum Solo I take the stage with my friends This is where the fun begins The mood is set and feelin' right It's rock-n-roll! It's Friday night The music start...
70's Rock Dec 8, 2009
Can you feel my ink?
                          Victory   S...
70's Rock Dec 3, 2009