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weird....really weird
ok,something is really weird here at 977. I can't write or comment on anything of my friends....every friend I clik on I need to add them again,I do and then it is ad as ...
Today's Hits Jan 3, 2010
Merry Christmas to everybody at 977
just wanet to write that :) hope everybody is happy :) and that you are all enjoying hollidays with your family and friends :)...
Today's Hits Dec 25, 2009
hej all :D just wanet to say hi to all of you :D I didn't write long,I know,didn't have the time. croatia is still white,snow was falling again,and it is werry cold,yes...
Today's Hits Dec 21, 2009
whooooooo! SNOW!!!!!
yep! Croatia is white from snow... it is snowing,finaly!!!! now it really feals like Christmas is coming :D :D :D :D :D yay. oh,and my friend got back from her trip,final...
Today's Hits Dec 14, 2009
I wanet to write something...but not really shure what... I'm really enyojing* 977 :D and I have great friends,love to all of them ;) one of my friends is going on a tr...
Today's Hits Dec 10, 2009
something I wrote before....
KISS All night talking… All night waiting… Waiting for that moment… Waiting for your look For your touch For your kiss… Silence… Smile… Kis...
Today's Hits Dec 1, 2009
hej...I'm new here,I'm from Croatia....and I just love this site :D have a few new friends,and well I wanet to write something.... usualy listening to hitz:D well,sorry ...
Today's Hits Nov 29, 2009