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Annoyed! points not working and playlist adding removed!
Why fix what's not broken guys?!  The points system is not working now, been listening but not accomulating points for the last few days.  In addition the add t...
Today's Hits Dec 2, 2012
Song history not working
Anyone else notice that the song history is not keeping up?...
Today's Hits Jan 11, 2011
Anyone else listening in Asia?
Just wondering if there are other people in Asia that tune in to .977?...
Today's Hits Nov 21, 2010
Flash Player Not Working?
Anyone else having issues with the flash player?  I keep openeing it but it is just blank, says load flash player at the top...  The Window's one works ok, but ...
70's Rock Sep 25, 2010
Anyone else using a Fiber Optic line and still getting skips and jumps in the station?  When I first got FTTB everything was stable with .977, that lasted about 6 mo...
70's Rock Jul 8, 2010
replying to other's blogs?
Why can't we reply to other's blogs?  I know it's not a forum, but...  maybe .977 can let us choose if we want people to be able to reply or not. Or does that a...
Adult Hits May 16, 2010
What's up with this site?
What's going on lately with the site?  It's half not working, point counter is broken, and everything is so slow.  This has been going on now for about 2-3 days...
Adult Hits May 16, 2010