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First week back to school and "wow" no waiting to get back into things. Cal II is going to be tough and I have homework in all classes, but at least I am gettin...
Alternative Jan 15, 2010
What's Up Everyone!
I have not been on in so long and now that school has started I am on-line to do homework and need my music. I hope everyone had a great X-Mas and Happy New Year. ...
Alternative Jan 12, 2010
Just got home a hour and a half ago from work and I think that blows. But, this is what we must do from day to day to have the things we have and to support the ones we l...
Alternative Dec 17, 2009
Just got home from paying tuition for school and all I can think is "I can't wait till I see the benefits from all this schooling and DAMN, How much longer?" HAha....
Alternative Dec 16, 2009
One Last Time! CRAZY!!!!
I have been out of high-school for 10+ years and I was recently contacted about a benefit Alumni Football game. They have made arrangements to get use of the stadium and ...
Alternative Dec 15, 2009