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Can boredom kill you? I've heard that question quite a few times, but never once have I had a good answer to it. I sure hope it can't, and it probably is so or I'd have ...
70's Rock Feb 25, 2010
Stability is overrated
I've had three bags (mostly zippers), three pairs of shoes and a chair breaking on me during this fall and winter. I was wondering what's the matter when I almost fell do...
70's Rock Feb 24, 2010
When I grow up..!
Growing up, I've had some good ideas on what I want to be when I'm all grown up. One of the first ones was a potato peeler. That passion, that ambition! I still don't kn...
Comedy Feb 22, 2010
Talk about bad karma
I'm baking again! Today it's not to get rid of my anxiety or relief my loneliness. It's for my boyfriend this time. I know I will probably like it more than he does but ...
70's Rock Feb 17, 2010
A quick peek
I forgot about triple points day, and then the site wouldn't work properly so no points for me today, please! Instead, I made lollipops! Yes, sir, I did! I bought a mo...
70's Rock Feb 11, 2010
Studying to be nothing
Last week we had a day when companies came to our university looking for young people to employ and to advertise themselves. I always love that sort of happenings so I wa...
Alternative Feb 7, 2010
Shop till you drop
Just this morning I heard on the news that shopping is increasingly considered as hobby or something to do when one feels bored, sad, happy or pretty much anything for th...
Today's Hits Feb 4, 2010
Wedding fever
I'm sick. I've got a serious case of wedding fever. I thought this was an illness people get as they get older. Am I officially old now? Or just a girl? I guess girls ...
Jazz Music Jan 31, 2010
Don't lose it, post-it!
As I've grown older, I've started to have more things on my plate than I can keep in my head. This is where I've found it easiest to make lists and notes. Some consider m...
Alternative Jan 28, 2010
I always thought it funny when people wrote blogs about their points. But, wooohooo, I got my first ten thousand! :') *does happy dance*...
Alternative Jan 21, 2010

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