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Okay so I've just fallen in love with Garou's voice. He's a French pop singer with background in musical theatre, like most of them on the French pop scene. The fascinati...
70's Rock Dec 17, 2009
Newsflash! We have snow here! I'm like a little kid about it... we never get snow where we are and it's quite an event. Sooo the snow is not yet very deep but is very pre...
70's Rock Dec 17, 2009
Snoow! :-)
Ok so I figure I'll next tell you how we reacted to the snow when we found out! Imagine about 20 adults gathered in a circle beside a massive real Christmas tree and a pi...
70's Rock Dec 17, 2009
Day of Grace
I forgot to mention something. My favourite Christmas album at the moment has to be Day of Grace by Sixpence None The Richer. It features that guy from Jars of Clay and t...
70's Rock Dec 15, 2009
Christmas Channel!
Hey! We've got a Christmas channel! Just the thing to set the Christmas mode and get the feel-good vibes going. I've never heard half of this Christmas music before :-...
70's Rock Dec 15, 2009
Who'd've thought The Who'd've sold 100 million records? Pretty impressive since 1964. You learn something new every day. Just also going to make a note here that the ...
70's Rock Dec 15, 2009
When We Were Young - George Harrison
Okay, time for a music-related rant. It really annoys me when music artists misuse English grammar in their songs! This is probably not what you expect from a rock fan bu...
70's Rock Dec 15, 2009
Non-English Radio
Morning! So I'm just off to a French exam and it hits me. We should have foreign-language radio on here! Attract a greater international audience and help out language...
70's Rock Dec 14, 2009
Okay, so I've figured out what I'm going to do with this site. I'm going to go straight for the jackpot. I need 200,000 points for a $1000 VISA card and I'll figure out w...
70's Rock Dec 13, 2009
How Do I Access My Playlist?
Hi Can someone tell me how to access my playlist, please? Where's the button for it? I've discovered adding things to my playlist and have filled it right up with some ...
70's Rock Dec 13, 2009

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