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Vacation is over :((
Yes, after over a month of vacation, today is my first day at the office againg, lot of work to do, new year and all the deal. But I am happy to log on to 977music again ...
80's Hits Jan 10, 2011
Finally 100000 Points
Yes, I have Finally 100000 points... what should I do? claim a price? wait for more? ohhh to many questions!!!...
80's Hits Oct 14, 2010
Smooth Jazz switch???
Yesterday the 80's channel was down, so I change to other channels and finally to Somooth Jazz, just to wail until my 80's came back. But today I just love the Smooth Jaz...
80's Hits May 6, 2010
No sound?
I can't hear my 80's music!!! Where is it??? is there a problem??? please help I'm dieing without my 80's!!!...
80's Hits May 5, 2010
Traveling but on the 977music!!!
I'm on a trip for the carribean, working hard, having fun, bus allways conected to 977music!!!...
80's Hits Mar 17, 2010
Hi War!!!
Let's get it on!!!...
80's Hits Feb 25, 2010
I am a man of peace, but where is the thursday war on 977??? I need it!!! I am addict to war!!!...
80's Hits Feb 18, 2010
Another week
This is another week that we have the grace to live, let's take a minute to thanks for all we have and pray for those who doesn't....
80's Hits Feb 8, 2010
Great Week!!!
This week is almost over, but what a Great Week!!! hope all you had a great week and weekend too!!!...
80's Hits Feb 1, 2010
Friends are wellcome!!!
Whas does it mean to be friend here on 977? If you want to know that, just add me as your friend and you'll know it the best way. But if you don't want to know, you can a...
80's Hits Jan 25, 2010

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