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I want to apologize again for not being here so long. My computer was down for awhile so I could not get on the internet....
70's Rock Feb 5, 2010
Computer is down
My laptop has been down for quite sometime. As of currently, I am using my iPod Touch to do this blog. My laptop will hopefully get fixed soon....
50s, 60s Hits Feb 4, 2010
Back Online
Sorry for not updating my blog. I just got my laptop back today....
50s, 60s Hits Feb 3, 2010
So far so good
School is going good so far. Even though it started on Tuesday....
50s, 60s Hits Jan 21, 2010
Playlist updated!
I have started a very long playlist and it has been updated! I will continue  updating until I am tired....
50s, 60s Hits Jan 16, 2010
Who wants to be my friend
I could  use some more friends.  Will anyone be my friend?...
50s, 60s Hits Jan 16, 2010
Aren't the oldies great?
Aren't the oldies great to listen to? Out of all of the music here on this station, the oldies are the best. Thanks 977 music for having the oldies station!...
50s, 60s Hits Jan 15, 2010
What's the name of that song?
It is a really old song like 50s or 60s. It goes boom chicka boom. It tells a story about a man and a woman. What is that song? I really need to know because I heard it o...
50s, 60s Hits Jan 15, 2010
What do you like about oldies?
One very quick question. What do you like about oldies? Just wondering....
50s, 60s Hits Jan 15, 2010