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I am a little late BUT HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!
We had a great time yesterday in Ottawa, Canada's capital city.  Everyone was dressed up in Red and White and was having all sorts of fun being patriotic.  Ther...
70's Rock Jul 2, 2010
We just had an earthquake here in the office.  Never experienced one before.  Totally cool and scary at the same time!!!...
70's Rock Jun 23, 2010
I am goign to Chicago
Any places in particular I should visit while I am there??...
70's Rock Jun 3, 2010
i've been busy busy busy
But i am signed in for the triple points.  How is everyone doign out there?? ...
70's Rock May 27, 2010
I think the points are working again!!!
70's Rock May 20, 2010
Jeff it seems like I am losing points????
What is goign on??? ...
70's Rock May 17, 2010
this site is being really erattic today
My points are not building up?? and I keep losing connection. ANyone else??...
70's Rock May 14, 2010
if you wanna lose weight
my suggestion is go to a third world country.  Instead of paying thousands in weight loss gimmicks.  You can buy a plane ticket, learn a new language, meet and ...
70's Rock May 13, 2010
My Secret from you all...
I am a LOST fan.  But I don't watch the show till the weekend so I don't like to disuss anything until after I see the show because I HATE spoilers.  WE are dow...
70's Rock May 12, 2010
Happy Mothers Day Everyone
To all the great "Mom's" out there.  This includes single dads who have to be both mother and father to all the children.  Enjoy your family no ma...
70's Rock May 7, 2010

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