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Hey guys,
Thx for being my friends. I really appreciate meeting new ppl, so dont forget to contact me. I am really happy that i have now 400 friends in here. Keep in touch guys, do...
70's Rock Mar 10, 2010
977 Friends
It is always nice to get new friends. I really thank you all for being my friends here, it really makes me happy :) I registered only few weeks ago and now i have found 2...
70's Rock Feb 23, 2010
10 K
Now i finally have my first 10 000 points, so i hope i can still climb much further with these points :)...
70's Rock Feb 23, 2010
Calming Music
Since i've been listening 977 (2006), i have found out that listening 80s music helps me to clear my thoughts and keeps me calm. Everytime i get angry or something pisses...
80's Hits Feb 18, 2010