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Is 977 confused?
So I got this email tonight, addressed to me, but it has the wrong username. My first and last name in the email was correct and it sent it to the correct email addy, but...
Comedy Jul 26, 2012
I hate being sick
So there's a bug going around. I think I got it. Being sick sucks. Your head hurts, your body hurts among other nasties. I should be in bed but I can't sleep. Hope nobody...
70's Rock Sep 22, 2010
larger playlist?
Did I read that right on the home page where it said we can have a 1000 song playlist? Cause it's been just 50 songs which is so not even enough close to being enough. ...
70's Rock Sep 3, 2010
Woohoo I've finally gone over 100,000 points. Only 900,000 to go. LOL...
80's Hits Jul 15, 2010
Triple points go away???
Now that most of my kids are out of school for the summer I'm home just about all day and will be able to listen the music more. So I've had it running all day today but ...
70's Rock Jun 10, 2010
missed out on points yesterday
Well ok, I did and I didn't. I loaded up firefox, came to the site and logged in then opened up the music player. Then went on with my day with music playing in the backg...
70's Rock Apr 30, 2010
Happy Birthday....
To me. Yup, today is my birthday. I'm officially 38 years old. woooo lol Don't have any plans, don't have any money. :P...
70's Rock Apr 19, 2010
Woohoo just passed 50,000 points. Booyah!!! lol...
80's Hits Apr 14, 2010
Did the chat get killed again?
Just tried to go there, to the cbox we've been using for the last week. But it says server not found. WTF??? What happened?...
70's Rock Apr 13, 2010
finally a chat that works for me
Ok so I could never get into the chat here on the site. It just would never let me. And I'm sorry to hear a hacker killed it. But the cbox works quite well and I'm able t...
70's Rock Apr 8, 2010

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