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Stryper @ The Culture Room
I went to Ft. Lauderdale with a buddy and his son on Sunday the 25th. We went to Ft. Lauderdale to see one of the better Hard Rockin Christian Bands the world has ever kn...
80's Hits Oct 26, 2009
To Friend or Not to Friend that is the question?
I have been requesting friendships a lot lately to gain some points. And I would have to say THANKS to all that have become my "977 Music Friend"!!! And all tho...
80's Hits Jul 2, 2009
Club 977 or 977 Music?
I have been listening to the 977 whatever station since 2000. If I remember correctly I found it through Winamp. And that is also the first year I got highspeed (DSL) thr...
80's Hits Jun 23, 2009
2009 CMT Music Awards
Okay so I watched the 2009 CMT Music Awards the other night. I don't usually watch this this station. But as I was channel surfin' I stopped here for a few seconds becaus...
Country Jun 18, 2009
Judas Priest & Whitesnake
Just found out the other day through a friend that Judas Priest & Whitesnake are coming to Fort Myers. The last time I was Whitesnake was back in 1987 on the Great Whites...
80's Hits May 5, 2009