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Wow, did the blogs jump up today! I guess it's from all them there points. People apparently like them. I'm almost at 20,000 myself. It's not too bad considering this is ...
80's Hits Feb 25, 2010
Old man in woods.
OK so like when I was the age of about 15 or 16, maybe younger. My brother told me about this place in the woods that we could collect bottles to gain money. So I was all...
80's Hits Feb 23, 2010
funny winamp thing
OK this is going to be a long post. Short and sweet, I was looking around through my winamp and the person who made the skin I use made this comment... and I thought it w...
80's Hits Feb 23, 2010
Hi Y'all- So I'm sitting here at like 1:20AM typing on my computer and screwing around. I sit weird in my chair. I like sitting on one foot and the other foot flat on ...
80's Hits Feb 23, 2010

Falco Volt