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Transformers 3
This new movie thats coming out tomorrow is most likely going to be a good movie.  Its not overaly advertised, unlike other movies that sometimes give people a negat...
Today's Hits Jun 28, 2011
Season Finale's
Well, this week leads into the closing weeks of Fall's TV Line up, with a few episodes already having there finale's.  This week, only season finale that I'll be wat...
Today's Hits May 16, 2011
NCIS - 5/10/11
Was anyone else thrown kinda off by NCIS last night?  I mean out of no where, Mike Franks has Lung Cancer and is about to die anyway, when did this happen?  Its...
Today's Hits May 11, 2011
Well, its offical.  Im bored here at work.  Had a midterm in class today, and now im stuck here for another 5 hours.  Also I was wondering, can anyone tell...
Today's Hits May 9, 2011
Driving Rules According to Me
#1 - The speed limit is never what it is posted. This is how you figure out a speed limit: If the speed limit ends in a 5 and is below 55, you flip the entire numb...
Today's Hits May 6, 2011
Well, Today is my last day of classes for this quarter.  I have A's and B's in four of my classes but probably have an F in the other one because the teacher doesn't...
Today's Hits Jun 17, 2010
Well today I have a meeting at 5pm about shooting a Nerf commercial for a competition they are holding.  It will be interesting for the simple fact that its somethin...
Today's Hits Jun 3, 2010
Well, since today is my birthday, I wanted to play some games.  Its didnt work to well since im on a Mac and im losing my ranks.  I will say that im playing fac...
Today's Hits Jun 1, 2010
TV Finals Part Two
Well, since the current TV season is over for me, i'd thought that id explain what is going on with some of the shows I watch: 24:  Its about time for the show to...
Today's Hits May 27, 2010
Well, next week, Ill be in the final spread of my classes for this quarter.  Pretty confident about four of my classes that I am currently taking, but the fifith one...
Today's Hits May 24, 2010

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