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Playlist, Go Away!!
Till Now all I have been doing is adding sings to my playlist, but I wonder how to remove a song from that  long list!! I know I have only two songs in that list, bu...
70's Rock May 27, 2010
No comments!
I always wondered why I cannot comment on the blog post of some people. Their posts were great.... it's now that I realised  we ,or at least me, cannot comment on a ...
70's Rock May 27, 2010
Triple Point
        Woow..Triple point day is becoming a craze nowdays on Everywhere  I see 'Happy triple point" , 'triple ...
70's Rock May 27, 2010
Let's say :"I Love You" in different languages!...:)
let's say I love you in all languages: There are a few... I love you (in  English) Je t'aime (in  french) mo content ...
70's Rock May 18, 2010
I bet this site is trying to compete with Facebook!.. All these prizes here are just to attract people so that this site become popular...Hummmm.......
70's Rock May 18, 2010
How many profiles are on
Do you want to know how many users are there on's simple!! Whenever someone creates a profile, that user is automatically a friend with jeff!..:) So, ju...
70's Rock May 17, 2010
No Points!!
Today, I listened the radio for 3hrs but I earned no points at all! The same thing happened yesterday... Shit!! I Hope this site knows counting more than 4475?!...
70's Rock May 17, 2010
Finally I found it!
After three days of hunting, I finally found the tiny link "Create Blog Entry"..... Wow, I wish I had hunting dogs...Thanks purplefreak and jeff were there..:)....
70's Rock May 15, 2010