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Points Checkers
This is really upsetting.  Been listening to 977 for three straight days in an attempt to avoid Christmas music - and so far I have accumulated 1,000 points.  W...
70's Rock Nov 26, 2009
Points Keep Changing
Doh! I had to reboot my PC and when I logged back in my 300,000 points went to 30,390.  Before Thursday, I had nearly 31,000 points.  I have been listening to ...
70's Rock Oct 29, 2009
Thought of the day for an improvement!
I just had an amazing thought. What if .977 Music started a new channel in which it starts off playing music that is in a persons playlist, and then it plays music tha...
70's Rock Oct 29, 2009
Unemployed? Flip through the stations!
I have been unemployed since October 2008, and have been listening on nearly every computer in the house.  When they pull the plug on the internet, I am going to hav...
70's Rock Oct 28, 2009
The 80's were not just a single singlist
There are thousands of times that I listen in on 80's nights and hear the same music over and over again.  It seems that there are only a few songs that people actua...
80's Hits Apr 13, 2009

The Admiral