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my points arent changing.
I've seriously slcked off of coming to 977. I used to come everyday but now only like once a month. My points aren't changing. They have been stuck at the same number for...
70's Rock Jun 28, 2011
Youtube contest to win tickets to a concert.
I am participating in a youtube contest to win tickets to a concert the most views wins vip tickets to see some of my fav singers. Its for christian music. You dont have ...
70's Rock May 9, 2011
Favorite band.
My favorite band is barlow girl. They sing contemporary Christian/Christian rock. I have been to 7 barlow girl concerts the last one being 2 days ago. im still pretty pum...
70's Rock Feb 20, 2011
47,000 pts
hey. i just reached 47,000 points this morning. if anyone knows how to get more then please let me know. also everyone add me as a friend....
70's Rock Feb 15, 2011
What did you get for valentines?
my mom gave me a blanket, pillow, a card, and a chocolate heart. the boy i am dating gave me heart suckers, some sort of rose sucker, a homemade card and took me out to g...
70's Rock Feb 15, 2011
what channel?
i normally listen to the country channel here on 977. actually i like listening to contempary christian. since that is not an option i go back to my roots to listen to co...
70's Rock Jan 30, 2011
i like soda
you know i totally addicted to soda. i like to drink pepsi and pepsi products. mostly just pepsi but i also like dr. pepper and cheerwine. i drink way to much soda. if yo...
70's Rock Dec 30, 2010
The metrodome collapsed
Well because of the crazy snow storm, the metrodome collapsed on sunday. It is actually the 4th time it collapsed. the top is made of teflon and it is actually inflated b...
70's Rock Dec 12, 2010