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...ugh Deejays that JUST shouldn't be Deejays!
So, above all nights I decided to go out to a "bar" in Kamloops B.C (where I was born and raised) and was hoping the deejay was not gonna let me down! Here's...
Today's Hits Jul 1, 2010
airplanes - b.o.b ft hayley williams
I'm wondering why I never hear Airplanes - b.o.b ft hayley williams on this radio station? Can we request songs? and if so, how do we go about doing that?...
Today's Hits Jun 24, 2010
New to the site but wondering.....
Hey everyone, hope you're day is going well! Quick Question: I had a picture up on my profile and today when I logged in it was just the 977 logo :( Am I not allowed a pi...
Today's Hits Jun 24, 2010
...makes the work day go fast!
Hello Everyone, I  have been listening to this station for a week or so now and it's made a huge difference in my work day! The Hitz is awesome, every song that play...
Today's Hits Jun 23, 2010
Add me - I'm a newbie :)
Hey everyone, I'm looking to make some new friends! This site is Fun! I'd rather sit here and blog all day then be on facebook hehe besides I love music! IF anyone want...
Today's Hits Jun 23, 2010