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Hey, Youtube is a great place.  I love watching music videos on all the singers and bands and everything that I like.  But sometimes its hard to find them just...
70's Rock May 6, 2011
Law and Order:SVU
Hey, I am just obessed with this show.  I for some strange reason, love to watch crime shows and its just sooo entertaining.  I guess I just love the suspense ...
70's Rock May 6, 2011
Hey, School is soooo annoying, they always go around changing all of the rules and they never tell you anything about whats going on.  I am just so tired of it some...
70's Rock May 6, 2011
Hey, I just started working on starting Mary-Kay.  Mary-Kay is cosmetics and things.  its actally really goodand most of the stuff smells AMAZING!! if anyone i...
70's Rock Mar 15, 2011
Justin Bieber HATERS!!!
Hey, Lately all i keep seeing when i look at comments about Justin Bieber is negative and i think its wrong, mostly because no one knows him, so how can you judge someon...
70's Rock Mar 15, 2011
Hey, Life is just sooo annoying sometimes.  When you just try and go day by day it never really works out very well because then sometimes you forget things you hav...
70's Rock Mar 15, 2011
Hey, I am going to try and make a commitment more to update you all out there in the blog world because i havent exactly been very good about coming on and updating with...
70's Rock Feb 14, 2011
Hey, Right now i am watchingthe tv show Supernatural.Its so kool with all the things that they can do on this show.Did you know that its actually filmed in Vancouver,bc....
70's Rock Feb 13, 2011
Hey, Sorry i havent updated with anything in a long time, i guess time just got away from me, with school and everything it tends to get very busy with life and everythi...
70's Rock Feb 13, 2011
Hey, Money is so hard to have right now because the economy is just sooo bad and when you finally do get some money, you dont seem to keep it for very long because by th...
70's Rock Feb 13, 2011

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