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Thunder From Down Under?
 Hey , where are all of the aussie's at? We had a lot of you guys in the chat room over night my time and your all gone? Mindy Mint is alone in there , and what abou...
70's Rock Jun 3, 2010
World Wide Friends
  Join the live chat today! No need to register , your 977 account can be linked. We are in the chat 24/7 ,building long lasting friendships.  We have been grow...
70's Rock Apr 28, 2010
The Chat is Back!
  The chat room is back! Thanks to everyone for your help and understanding. Please click "THE BUZZ" then  "live chat". We have a different ...
70's Rock Apr 22, 2010
It's Still Thursday
 Yeah , still thursday. I might as well blog , i got the time and need the points.  If you have a issue with a talking/ scanning advertisment, i read that you...
70's Rock Apr 15, 2010
Chat room Closed
 The chat room is now closed , i would like to thank some hacker for this. We have moved to for the chat while we make changes and find a bett...
70's Rock Apr 8, 2010
Look We Have A Chat Room
 oh joy , we are still in there , hanging out all day and night.  So many have stopped in and i hope to see more of you . Sometimes you might have to wait for s...
70's Rock Feb 11, 2010
more friends each day
 i am as well as others are making new friends eveyday. we are all in the "live chat" here on the website. i have met people from all over the...
70's Rock Oct 29, 2009
More on the chat room
  More and more people are comming in and hanging around in there. Thank You Very much!! It is so nice to meet you guys , but it's about you guys meeting eachother a...
70's Rock Oct 22, 2009
Hey You!
 Yeah , you ..... the new faces of 977music. Come join us in the live chat room. Click "THE BUZZ"  and look for "Live Chat" on the list. I s...
70's Rock Oct 20, 2009
For the points
 yeah , a cheap blog for ponts. Not much is going on that i want to talk about.  have the tunes on and have been in the chat room all day while i'm @ work. Seen...
70's Rock Oct 15, 2009

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