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Morning Shows
I always listen all the time from my computer at work and at home to the comedy station and alternative channels. I need to start listening to new stuff, but then again w...
Comedy Aug 20, 2009
Points w/media Player
Maybe its just me and the way my work computer is set up, but I do not get points with Windows Media Player & Flash doesn't work because it's blocked. It would be nic...
Adult Hits Jul 28, 2009
More Comedy
I've noticed there's a lot of repeats on the Comedy station. How about a little more of a variety. I know there's a ton of different comedians that you play, but it's t...
Comedy Jul 23, 2009
Apparently LMFAO has a couple of different versions of their latest song and they just change the city. Like here in Michigan it's I'm in Detroit Trick, where down in Flo...
Today's Hits Jun 23, 2009
Points for listening
They advertise that you get points for listening, but I don't notice my points being affected by listening to the station. And yes I am logged in. The only time i notice ...
Alternative May 8, 2009
comedy station
I just have to say that this comedy station is awesome. It's not edited and has a large variety of comedians that everyone can enjoy. It's the best comedy station I've he...
Comedy May 8, 2009
3 year Anniversary
Today my Girlfriend & I have been together for 3 years. We live together and have a year and a half year old daughter together. Does anyone have any good ideas to do ...
70's Rock Apr 21, 2009
I am so sick of listening to the radio anymore. When I have it on in the car I am constantly channel surfing, because nothing good is on. The radio stations all play the ...
70's Rock Apr 17, 2009