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Closing in on 200,000 points. Didn't take as long as I thought it would. Thanks for everyone who helped along the way. Hope the next 200,000 are just as quick....
80's Hits Feb 12, 2011
Happy Holiday
Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend (for those in jurisdictions that have a holiday on Monday).  Also, take time to remember the reason for the day.&n...
80's Hits May 27, 2010
Tax Day
Not that anyone needs a reminder - but remember that today is tax day in the US.  ...
80's Hits Apr 15, 2010
Still Alive
Thank you to all my friends who have been wondering about my whereabouts of late.  During legislative session I am frequently out of my office and in the Capitol get...
80's Hits Feb 11, 2010
Valuable Lesson
Ok so as a political creature and a professional I knew better, but still let it happen:  I get a work email that I thought was doing damage to the agency that I am ...
80's Hits Dec 29, 2009
Happy birthday/Early Merry X-Mas
You know who this message is aimed at and why.  Expect props and public shout outs.  I caved in to your peer pressure and tag team (;...
80's Hits Dec 11, 2009
Killer snowstorm in Iowa.  Late for speech on Tuesday, had to leave work early that day, couldn't come to work at all yesterday, couldn't get in until afternoon toda...
80's Hits Dec 10, 2009
Last Class
Tonight is the last night of teaching for the semester and I can focus on my "real" job.  Amazing how fast a semester can fly by and how fast life goe...
80's Hits Dec 3, 2009
Little Victories/Lost Keys
So I couldn't find a set of keys to a building.  Looked everywhere I they should have been.  While I might have overcome this problem, it was really bothering m...
80's Hits Dec 1, 2009
Post Holiday
I hope and trust that all of you who celebrate the American Thanksgiving had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.  Full speed ahead to the next set of holidays....
80's Hits Nov 30, 2009

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