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Great Holiday
I'm sort of back from my internet break, it's been hectic but enjoyable. I got a chance to log into Second Life tonight and it felt a little funny but everythin came back...
80's Hits Sep 24, 2009
The future is now
Well, after spending some time looking at the new scripting options available within Second Life, I think this radio project will be my last product using complex scripti...
80's Hits Mar 12, 2009
Quick notes about the site
I've been poking around quite a bit and haven't been able to find a way to add people to my friends list. I've also noticed on the blogs the text is squished all against ...
80's Hits Mar 12, 2009
Radio Project
I've taken a quick snapshot of the finished object, it does have scripts in it but they are very basic and will need to be fine tuned before it can be set loose. The snea...
80's Hits Mar 7, 2009
Information Needed
I'm posting this up in hopes that someone on the site will be able to send this information. I've already requested it from .977 but haven't heard anything back as of yet...
80's Hits Mar 7, 2009
The "delete" button is my weakness
I have this thing about perfection, I've been called a perfectionist and that I'm too critical of my own projects... well I've done it again, the build I've been working ...
80's Hits Mar 5, 2009
Did you know there's a 5:08am?
13 hours building in Second Life and I'm still not even half way done with the build... I need a real job. I've just downed half a pot of coffee and loaded a new dip and ...
80's Hits Mar 5, 2009
The new site + Virtual work
I'm digging the new site and love the new player! I need to get off my butt and finish my .977 Second Life project, right now I'm working on a large build for my new line...
80's Hits Mar 4, 2009