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Ads on playlist
Seriously, guys? What's the point of having a playlist if it's going to be intruded by ads - yes, the kind that interrupts your listening. I stopped and went elsewhere wh...
70's Rock Jan 31, 2012
Totally <3 the 80's today
Don't know why, but today's selections on the 80's particularly rock! I keep hearing songs I love. Just need to get that out :)...
80's Hits Jul 21, 2011
No sound?
Uh oh...what's up Jeff? No music on any stations today  :(...
80's Hits Mar 5, 2010
Sound hiccup
There seems to be a lot of "hiccups" today on Oldies (the sound just went dead). I switched to listen to different stations, and it still happens....
50s, 60s Hits Aug 12, 2009
Average time to hit the 10,000 mark
Just wondering how long it takes you guys to get 10,000 pts. And do you accumulate mostly by listening?...
70's Rock Jul 26, 2009
Better than my local station
I found 977 oldies a few weeks ago. Have been listening ever since. More variety than my local station and they play songs from the 50's. Yay!...
50s, 60s Hits May 12, 2009