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I'll take that...
whoa! 2 new friends in less than 9 hours?  NICE!!!!  and btw, I dont care if it was a pity add...I'll take that too! :)smile!...
70's Rock Jun 8, 2009
picky friends?
So I log on today after being 'locked' out for over a month and I'm happy that I was able to log on to accept the friends that requested...I'm accepting but then I go to ...
70's Rock Jun 8, 2009
what Im doing today
So Im at work, listening to The Hitz station and Im wondering how the creator of this site came up with this idea and how big his playlist is.  Like, can you imagine...
Today's Hits Apr 30, 2009
Instructions are important to read :)
So after posting I figured I'd read the instructions on how to earn points and there it was! How To earn Points by listening! yay! R.I.F -Reading Is Fundamental...back to...
Today's Hits Apr 29, 2009
still trying to figure this site out
Please help...what should we be listening to, the flasher or that winamp? I can listen to both but I want to make sure my points are being accumulated as im listening to ...
70's Rock Apr 29, 2009