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Heaven't blogged for a while
Hello everyone, I guess I heaven't been very active around here and I've missed some changes to the site, like the personal playlist being updated to allow more than fiv...
Today's Hits Feb 6, 2010
The new flash player
Am I the only one that gets logged out even when listening the radio with the new player? This is really annoying because I don't get the points when I should've... Comme...
Today's Hits Oct 29, 2009
Point accumulation....
Hi, I've just passed the 90,000 point mark and wanted to give a status update :) cheers to all of you who invited me to be friends!!! Keep the invites coming....
Adult Hits Jul 26, 2009
Well, I'm about to hit the 60000 point mark in the next few hours and I thought it's a nice milestone to mark. I'm a long ways away from the 1000000 needed for the Wii bu...
Today's Hits Jul 1, 2009
Keep the friend invites coming
The response has died a little bit... come on people, the more friends u add, the more points u'll get....
Adult Hits Jun 3, 2009
The response is great to friend reqs
I see a lot of people activated to get everyone added to friends and I'm delighted that there's lots of people who are active here. Let's see more people in the days to c...
Adult Hits May 19, 2009
Friend requests
Thanks to all who added me to friends, I've gotten some points, I hope you did as well. Anyone who wants me to add them pls comment here....
Adult Hits May 18, 2009
I've had an idea
Anyone who adds me to friends I'll add back so that we can get points faster. Personally I'm hoping for a Wii, but since I'm in Serbia, I doubt they will send me one, but...
Adult Hits May 17, 2009
Just the best station overall: The Mix channel
I was listening to the Hitz channel for quite a while now, and just recently discovered the Mix which is like all the greatest music of three eras: the 80s, 90s and now. ...
Adult Hits May 17, 2009