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Good Morning
Good Morning,Good Morning, good Morning everyone time to rise and shine and listen to this great music....
70's Rock May 5, 2011
How is everyone doing thses days
I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful radio station that we have free of charge and don't forgewt to consider clicking on an ad or two to keep it running. I love it...
70's Rock Apr 13, 2011
Celebration Music
I am playing music today casue its aspecila day for me and my family. I [play music everyday, but as I said  this is special My newest granddaughter was born this ...
70's Rock Apr 1, 2011
All of these really tak me back
All of the oldies and 80's and 90's songs takes me back. some of the 70's songs I remember from being young and raising my children and my oldest sion grew up listening ...
70's Rock Mar 18, 2011