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video adds
I totally get the ads here but video adds with sound that drowns out the music??? you got to be kidding!!!! This was at one time the best site on the net but I guess Jeff...
50s, 60s Hits Oct 2, 2012
Hi Kids
Just checking to see how many of y'all are still blogging, been busy writing some new material collaborating with some other musicians online,it's quite fun actually...ho...
50s, 60s Hits May 30, 2012
One Million
Well kids, I hit 1,000,000 pionts this weekend so guess this is a good day :D...Happy Holidays everyone♥...
70's Rock Dec 4, 2011
Building Castles
If you want to get ahead in life, think about this......"You can't build a castle unless your willing to pee in the sandbox"...
70's Rock Sep 10, 2011
To donotaddmeasafriend
FYI, nobody can comment on your blogs if they don't add you as a friend... just passing on the info, have a nice day.....Rock on everyone!...
70's Rock Aug 18, 2011
Always try
If you try and fail, there is a possibility that something can change...If you fail to try, nothing is possible......
70's Rock May 16, 2011
Today is special
Today is a special day, today I am happy because it marks a special day in history. A couple of years ago I found my way to, I wasn't on this day but in Dece...
70's Rock Feb 27, 2011
Come to chat
Hey all you new people, you should stop by the chat and check it out, quite a few cool people there and we always have fun. There arent any of those BOTS you find in regu...
70's Rock Feb 17, 2011
Job market
So here I am looking for a job, kinda hard to find one when there are only 6 listings in the local paper, 3 of which are health care, 2 for commercial drivers and 1 tople...
70's Rock Feb 16, 2011
To my friends
Things have changed a bit at the job, for the time being I will not be able to be in the chat on weekends, I will try to find time during the week nights to try and catch...
70's Rock Dec 30, 2010

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