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OMG!!!  I am soooooo super excited about little pug puppy comes by plane to me!  She should (keep your fingers crossed for no more blizzards or an...
Adult Hits Dec 11, 2009
Ready for Christmas...
I think I am officially ready for Christmas...all the lights are up outside, the tree is decorated, my xmas village is set up and all the presents are bought and wrapped!...
Adult Hits Dec 10, 2009
Sorry about the second blog...but I just noticed I passed 250,000 points today!!  YAY!!...
Adult Hits Dec 10, 2009
My husband and I are helping some friends hang lights and put up their decorations this weekend...they are getting older (in their 60's) but act like they are in their 20...
Adult Hits Dec 4, 2009
The Phoenix Zoo does this thing every year, where they light up different parts of the zoo, certain exhibits, pathways, etc. with over 2.5 million lights.  They also...
Adult Hits Dec 3, 2009
soooo busy
I haven't been able to do anything but open up the station to listen to music because I have been so busy at work.  It always seems that way after a holiday week...t...
Adult Hits Dec 1, 2009
17 tons of rock
So besides being excited about our new pug pictures, my husband and I moved 17 tons of rock into our backyard this ourselves.  I am sooooo mus...
Adult Hits Nov 23, 2009
The breeder posted pictures and video of the litter of pugs...mine is the one with the pink bow (the breeder named her Robin).  We will rename her Lucy!!  She i...
70's Rock Nov 23, 2009
Puppy Video
The breeder did one better than pictures, he took video of the two female pug puppies so I could choose which one I want!!  They are so freaking cute!!!  I want...
Adult Hits Nov 16, 2009
So this weekend the dog breeder is going to take pictures of my now 4 week old mini-pug and email them to me!!  I am so excited to see her.  She will be so frea...
Adult Hits Nov 13, 2009

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