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Just had a great long Canada Day weekend!  Wishing all his neighbors in the US a great 4th of July!...
70's Rock Jul 4, 2011
Father's Day
I had a great 2nd Father's day!  My son made me a coffee mug a day care and he placed a picture of the 2 of us and nice poem calle foot prints.  He also include...
80's Hits Jun 20, 2011
Another day at work!  coming in to work late tomorrow.  The fiancee and I are going to check out a new day care for my little guy.  I hope my fiancee like ...
70's Rock Jun 9, 2011
Once again I am at work.  I have finished my up traing and now doing all the work i need to catch up on!...
70's Rock Apr 28, 2011
I am at work. Holly shit what a long day!  It never seemed to stop.  Doind work I had to catch up on and then Managers coming and asking you to do this and that...
70's Rock Apr 27, 2011
Today (tuesday) I am back at work after having a 5 day weekend. I took thurday off to take care of my son and then on Good Friday and Saturday, my fiancee and I had ...
90's Hits Apr 26, 2011
My Son
My son who is just over 1 year old was sent home from daycare today as he is vomiting all over the place.  His mother went to pick him up and he got sick all over he...
80's Hits Apr 20, 2011